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I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with the eight 450 Hot Air Furnaces that we purchased from your company. After approximately three years of use, we didn’t have any units go down on us. With so few moving parts, there is little to go wrong. That is extremely important to us with our busy schedule.

We have found these units to be very efficient. We have experienced far greater savings in our overall heating costs than we expected. We will be adding additional units in the near future.


LaRue Smith
Rocky Ridge Greenhouses
Nescopeck PA 18623

Dear Keystoker We have a K6 coal stoker, it has been in our family for about 60 years. Our parents purchased in the 1950’s and it has been heating our home and hot water ever since. Last year from October to June we used just 3 ton of coal. If we ever needed another stoker. I would buy one from keystoker in a minute. Their stokers are built to last. Just look how long we have this one, close to 60 years. I guess you could say that their stokers are made to last a life time. I have been to the keystone manufacturing company many times and their service you get there is unbelievable, they truly make you feel like your family. We would have nothing else than a keystoker in our home. Thank you keystoker

Tom and Ann Rizzardi
Girardville, Pennsylvania

I wanted to let your company know how your product helped us as a family. In 2008 we purchased a KA-6 Coal Boiler to heat a 4000 square foot home that was built in 2006. I tied it into our existing baseboard heat as well as domestic hot water for our house. Propane for our home cost us around 5000.00 a year, around a 1000.00 was just for hot water. Since adding the KA- 6 coal boiler we spent around 1200.00 a year to heat our home at a temperature we like. I installed the boiler myself and it was very easy to do. We love our KA-6 coal boiler and it has saved my family money to do other things through out the year. The KA-6 had paid for itself in only 2 heating seasons.

ED Dewland
Milford, Pennsylvania

We have lived in our house for 16 years, in the Lehigh Valley, and to this date we have not been warm in the winter. Until this year. Relying on heat pumps and space heaters has been very inefficient and expensive. Until this year. We began looking at coal for heat, after examining every other option, and based on our house layout, we were steered by a contractor toward the Koker (160K). It sits in the basement, direct vents through the wall, and connects to the ductwork for the first floor. It has taken little-to-no effort to keep the first floor at an amazingly-even 70-72 degrees. Our house has never been 72 degrees in the Fall/Winter. And heat rises, so the upstairs has thus far maintained near 65 – 66 degrees, great for sleeping. And the basement? 80 degrees where the Koker sits, and 70 degrees on the finished side.

Our first electric bill was 1/3 the normal budget-billing. Someone I know, who knows the Koker, called it a “Heat Monster.” He’s right! Looking for heat, go coal. Looking for ease-of use, get the Koker. Take it from a convert.

Chris S.
Bethlehem, PA

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